Sorry for not posting the minutes from the second meeting back in February.
We had elections to replace our cabinet members, so now we have two new officers:
Allison Newbold-Vice President
Hope Yoders-Treasurer

Now on to the minutes of this meeting!

A few announcements:

Next meeting, April 14th, we will be holding officer elections for the next year. All the positions will be up for grabs, along with two new positions. So our cabinet will have a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing Chairman, and Recruiting Chairman. Again, all positions are up for grabs. Please remember that you must be a member of the club in order to be eligible to run as an officer. The Marketing Chairman will be in charge of making posters to put up everywhere to attract people a club meeting, as long as tabling in the Union if needed. The Recruiting Chairman will be in charge of getting the word out about our club and getting as many people to join as possible. In order to run, we will post an application in a totally new discussion thread. You can download it, fill it out, and then send it back to Beth through Facebook. Please make sure all applications are in by April 7th! So be on the lookout for that!

Thursday, April 7th, is First Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art. We will be having a field trip to it! I believe that there is no admittance fee. Allison and Hope are in charge of this trip, because Beth and myself have prior engagements (BFA OVERLOAD SHOW!) If you would like to go and work out carpooling and what not, contact either Allison or Hope.

CLUB T-SHIRTS! We received an e-mail from a t-shirt printing company that has a deal where we can get T-Shirts for a good price. Of course your club dues will be paying for your shirt. In order to keep costs down, we chose to go with a white t-shirt with the phrase "What the F-Stop?" and maybe a design on the back. If you're interested in getting a shirt let us know! Also, if you have any kind of design experience, let us know if you'd be interested in helping us make a final design using the phrase.

We had a special speaker today, Tony Zampella. He works for Samsung, as well as having his own photography company. He brought in a few of the newest cameras that Samsung has to offer, including the NX (I believe that's the model name) which is like an SLR with interchangeable lenses and the sensor is about the same size as a Nikon D90, for about $599. A great deal on a great camera. There are many other cool features to it, you can either message Tony on Facebook about the camera, or go to your nearest BestBuy and check it out there when they get it in a couple of weeks.

Another event to attend:
It's a Photo Walk through Baldwin Park hosted by Tony. Check out the event, and if you can make it out, do it! It'll be a grand time!

We also got to play with strobes for a bit. Beth was gracious enough to bring in her own strobes and set them up for some trial shots so that everyone could get more experience with them.

So that's what's happening in our club, hope to see you at our next meeting! Remember if you're interested in becoming an officer, look out for the application in the next few days and get it back to Beth by April 7th!

Happy shooting!
Introduction of Officers:
Beth Stuebben: Temp. President (may still be Vice President)
Tiffanie Pham: Secretary

Alana Slutsky has stepped down as President to take a semester off from school.
Alex Salgado, our Treasurer, has also stepped down because of other circumstances.

For that reason, we will be holding elections at the next meeting for the positions of Treasurer and either Vice President or President. Beth isn't sure if she can handle the load of President because this is her last semester and she has a lot going on. So once she decides we will announce it and you'll know which position is up for grabs.

As far as the election process goes, if you are interested, message either me (Tiffanie) or Beth and let us know which position you would like to run for. Then prepare a short speech for the next meeting where you will introduce yourself and tell us your speech. We will then do the voting.

If you want to know what the duties are for all the officers, look at our Constitution, it's under a discussion. Please know that this office that you're holding is until April, when we have to elect entirely new officers (1. Because Beth and I are graduating. 2. Because our Constitution says so) Please feel free to run again for the office of your choosing, just keep in mind that it is only for a few months.

Membership Dues:
Dues for the semester is $10. Since it was the first meeting of the semester, we didn't collect dues. But if you are interested in becoming a member, please pay them by the next meeting.

Many of you may have already joined this group on Facebook, but there is a movement to create a Print Sale for all the disciplines, not just have the Printmaking Print Sale and the Ceramics Sale. So look for that group under: Sell Your Art VAB.

Our next meeting is TBA, but keep an eye out on your events at Facebook. We'll send a message out to you all and an invite. We are anticipating that they'll take place within 2-3 weeks from this meeting. Meetings will be rotated thru Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so if you couldn't make it on Wednesdays, some meeting soon will be on either Thursday or Tuesday. They will also generally take place during the late afternoon, typically around 5pm.

That's it for this meeting, hope to see you all at the next one!
Membership Dues:
Remember, to be apart of the club and partake in all of the club activities you must be a paying member. It's only $10/semester, $20/year. We'll need your dues within two meetings please. You'll want to pay them so you don't miss out on all the fun workshops and trips (like to Art Basel!)

So we've come up with a slogan! Drumroll..."What the F-Stop?!"
What do you guys think? We've also agreed that our shirt colors will NOT be orange or hot pink (printmaking club already has dibs on pink shirts). We are open to other color suggestions, but we are leaning towards: black, blue, aqua/teal. What's your opinion. We also are trying to figure out if we're going to put the slogan on the front or on the back. We also want to work in 'Photography Club at UCF' somewhere on the shirt. Let us know your suggestions or maybe a design for the shirt now that we have all the elements!

Print Sale:
We've extended the date to bring in stuff for the print sale indefinitely. We're going to speak with the Pottery's Guild and the Printmakers and see if they want to join forces with us and have a super artwork sale. That way everyone benefits from each other because we all are bringing something different to the table and will reach a greater group of people. Remember, we'll have to approve of your prints first just to make sure it's not too explicit. Also, if you have people in your photographs, make sure to get a model release form, just so you can cover your butt and not get sued. That would be bad.

We had a lighting workshop this past meeting. We set up Alana's hot lights and Alex's strobes. If you're interested in learning more about these kinds of lights, come to our next meeting and speak with us personally. We'd be happy to help! Also, check out the photography club photo album to see some photographs from the workshop!

Next meeting is to be determined, but you guys will be the first to know when it is. Look out for the date and time in your events inbox!
Membership Requirements:
It doesn't take a lot to be a part of the club, but it does take a little bit of something. This is all it takes!
Dues- $10/semester, $20/year
You must be at 50% of the meetings and attend at least 1 outside event with the club (photo walks, gallery visits, etc.)

Art Basel:
We have found out that Art Basel is from December 2-5, 2010, it is also the weekend right before finals (Dec. 7-13), so please take that into account when considering going on this trip with us.

Put on your creative caps and design a logo for our club's shirts. We're going to be voting on our favorite logos as a club on October 6th (pending, we might move the date to October 5th).

Print Sale:
Also, at our next meeting, bring any prints that you may want to sell in the print sale. We'll be going over the prints and 'approving' them. We need to approve them for content and quality because there are certain things that cannot be sold due to explicitness or what not. We're just protecting our butts.

Just so you know:
Our club senator is Ryan Dougall. Knowing this won't exactly affect you, since the officers are the only ones that will contact him directly, so we're your conduit to him. Just thought we'd let you know.

Next Meeting!:
Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6th, BUT there is a good chance that it will be moved to Tuesday, October 5th. So please make time for either of those days. Chances are the meeting will be at 5:30pm or 6pm.

See you at the next meeting!
Introduction of the Officers:
Alana Slutsky - President
Beth Stuebben - Vice President
Alex Salgado - Treasurer
Tiffanie Pham - Secretary

We're now an official Student Organization, we're legit! Now we're in the process of being assigned a senator and working out details about getting funding from the University. Dues for the club are $10/semester, $20/year. Now we're able to get funding from UCF to go on trips or do great things for our club. What are some proposed ideas for use of the money?

Art Basel in Miami: This is a huge art exhibit in Miami during the first weekend of December, there is also Photo Miami, which is a huge exhibit dedicated solely to Photography. What we want to do is possibly use the money towards accommodations and/or entry fee into the exhibits.

Other ways to raise money:
Print Sale in the VAB: We can sell our prints for a small price and raise money towards Art Basel or any thing else we need funds for. There is a stipulation of the content of the photograph that's to be sold, we don't/can't sell photographs of explicit things like naked people. Also, if there are people in your photographs, make sure you get a model release form and your subject to sign it, if you don't have then sign one, we can't legally sell the photographs.

Other News:
Photo Club T-Shirts: We took a poll and it looks like most of our club members would like to have t-shirts of our very own for our club. So to include everyone in the t-shirt making process, we've proposed a Logo Contest for the shirts. So start designing those logos and bring them in (at a later date), we'll vote on our favorite ones and print some shirts of our very own.

Photo Walks: We think these walks are a great way to explore and use our cameras and get to know each other in the club. There's a chance that we will meet up with the Graphic Design club and walk with them. We can also have critiques of photographs, but only if you want them, and it would be strictly constructive criticism. We don't like negativity. The best way to learn is to learn from others and share in their knowledge.

Workshops: Everyone loves workshops and they're the best way to learn things hands on. We'll be thinking of new topics to discuss. Workshops may not be every single meeting, but we'll try to have them as often as possible.

Guest Photographers: Through a very generous connection, there is a chance that we may be able to get Photographers that have been working in the field for many years to come in and have discussions with us or to give a workshop in their specialty. These photographers could range from Fashion, Commercial, Event, Fine Art, etc. It's an exciting thing.

We'd also love to hear your feedback of what you think will make this club the best club for you. You can reach any of the officers through this page, our facebooks, or our e-mail, Don't hesitate to throw your suggestions out there, as we are a young baby club and can make it the best club with your help. You guys are the ones that will help us shape what this club will be.

Some suggestions we've had so far are:

Photo Walk on Campus - As a club, we can shoot around campus and generate interest in our club. Let people know that we exist and are open to everyone of all skills.

Portraits on Campus - We set up a white sheet and let people and their friends pose in front of the screen. They could also have headshots and what not. We'll offer these photographs at $3 per photograph.

Specific Topics - Each meeting can cover a specific topic and to keep the fluidity from one meeting to another, have members practice what we covered and show it at the next meeting. That way we can keep it continuous, learn, and see how everyone interprets what was discussed.

All are great suggestions, we'd love to hear more :)

Next Meeting: We're not sure of the date of the next meeting yet, if you weren't able to make it to this last one, we asked everyone what night worked best for you so that you could make it to as many as possible. Let us know and then we'll plan accordingly. We'll make an event of our next meeting, which is happening in two weeks, so be on the look out for that invite. We're excited for the club and hope you are too!
At this meeting we went over the basics of the camera, what the ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, etc. does. We also went over different kinds of cameras. After our little teaching session, we set up some hot lights and strobe lights. We let everyone do their own thing, experimenting with the lighting and seeing the differences between the two. Also, check out this website: There is an event from May 20-23 showcasing a variety of photography exhibits. They also have workshops that are discounted for students. Also, we're meeting with OSI on Tuesday (4*6*10) to talk about becoming an RSO, so hopefully we'll be official sooner than you can say 'Holga'. Check out the following links to better understand ISO, f/stop, & shutter speeds :)

*Remember for f/stop, the bigger the number the smaller the opening and deeper depth of field, the smaller the number the bigger the opening, the shallower depth of field.
shutter speed:

Typically, your camera is a SLR or D-SLR, which stands for Single Lens Reflex. There is also a Twin Lens Reflex camera, which has a lens that you view through and a lens that captures the photograph, so there will be some descrepancy between what you see and what is taken.

There are Medium and Large format cameras, which use larger negatives, which are sheet negatives. Each negative is exposed one at a time, it's time consuming, but the clarity that you get with the film is amazing.

Hasselblad Camera: All you need to know is that this camera is excellence, the lens quality is incomparable. Nothing amounts to a Hasselblad.

Holgas: They have their own aesthetic, full of light leaks and what not. But they're fun cameras to shoot with if you're going for that aesthetic. Not the easiest to figure out what the focus is but that's all part of the Holga aesthetic.

Film: Mentioned above is sheet film, which is exposed one at a time and used in medium and large format cameras. The other alternative is roll film, which is much more typical. Roll film is widely used in film cameras before the digital explosion happened, and that film was 35mm.

There is a good chance that we might try to make a pinhole camera soon and take some photographs with it. Pinhole camera is essentially a light tight box with a slip for photo paper. The box has a 'pinhole' in it and a cover that acts as the "shutter". To expose the paper, you remove the cover and replace it once you believe you've exposed the paper well enough. The photograph you end up with is actually a negative of what you see, so what you saw that was dark is light and vice versa.

I hope you find these websites useful :) If you weren't at the meeting and have any questions about your camera at all, send any one of the officers messages and we'll be happy to answer them as best we can!
Introductions of ‘Officers’
Alana Slutsky: El Jefe Grande (President)
Beth Stuebben: El Jefe Pequeno (Vice-President)
Alex Salgado: El Presidente de Cash Money (Treasurer)
Tiffanie Pham: Secretario Caliente (Secretary)
If you have any questions at all about the Photography Club, don't hesitate to message us here on Facebook, or e-mail us at

Talk about what we want to do:
Shoot-Outs: Predetermining subject/location and shoot photographs. Come back and critique each other’s work.

Photo Stores can lend equipment for use.
‘Strobists’: New ideas to create different kind of types of lighting.
Possibly rent out a dark room somewhere around town (Crealde)
Hold Workshops for learning how to use certain equipment.

Hold meetings once a month.
Dues: At most $10/semester, $20/year.
If we get RSO status, we will have funding. Be able to go to Art Basil in Miami. PhotoMiami – Photography only.

We are trying to start a petition to show interest in another photography class on the Main Campus, so that we can have another photography class. We will need your name and PID for you to sign the petition. The class can be any subject regarding photography such as lighting, alternative processes, or even darkroom.

Thanks for visiting the website for the Photography Club at UCF