Introduction of Officers:
Beth Stuebben: Temp. President (may still be Vice President)
Tiffanie Pham: Secretary

Alana Slutsky has stepped down as President to take a semester off from school.
Alex Salgado, our Treasurer, has also stepped down because of other circumstances.

For that reason, we will be holding elections at the next meeting for the positions of Treasurer and either Vice President or President. Beth isn't sure if she can handle the load of President because this is her last semester and she has a lot going on. So once she decides we will announce it and you'll know which position is up for grabs.

As far as the election process goes, if you are interested, message either me (Tiffanie) or Beth and let us know which position you would like to run for. Then prepare a short speech for the next meeting where you will introduce yourself and tell us your speech. We will then do the voting.

If you want to know what the duties are for all the officers, look at our Constitution, it's under a discussion. Please know that this office that you're holding is until April, when we have to elect entirely new officers (1. Because Beth and I are graduating. 2. Because our Constitution says so) Please feel free to run again for the office of your choosing, just keep in mind that it is only for a few months.

Membership Dues:
Dues for the semester is $10. Since it was the first meeting of the semester, we didn't collect dues. But if you are interested in becoming a member, please pay them by the next meeting.

Many of you may have already joined this group on Facebook, but there is a movement to create a Print Sale for all the disciplines, not just have the Printmaking Print Sale and the Ceramics Sale. So look for that group under: Sell Your Art VAB.

Our next meeting is TBA, but keep an eye out on your events at Facebook. We'll send a message out to you all and an invite. We are anticipating that they'll take place within 2-3 weeks from this meeting. Meetings will be rotated thru Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so if you couldn't make it on Wednesdays, some meeting soon will be on either Thursday or Tuesday. They will also generally take place during the late afternoon, typically around 5pm.

That's it for this meeting, hope to see you all at the next one!

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