Membership Dues:
Remember, to be apart of the club and partake in all of the club activities you must be a paying member. It's only $10/semester, $20/year. We'll need your dues within two meetings please. You'll want to pay them so you don't miss out on all the fun workshops and trips (like to Art Basel!)

So we've come up with a slogan! Drumroll..."What the F-Stop?!"
What do you guys think? We've also agreed that our shirt colors will NOT be orange or hot pink (printmaking club already has dibs on pink shirts). We are open to other color suggestions, but we are leaning towards: black, blue, aqua/teal. What's your opinion. We also are trying to figure out if we're going to put the slogan on the front or on the back. We also want to work in 'Photography Club at UCF' somewhere on the shirt. Let us know your suggestions or maybe a design for the shirt now that we have all the elements!

Print Sale:
We've extended the date to bring in stuff for the print sale indefinitely. We're going to speak with the Pottery's Guild and the Printmakers and see if they want to join forces with us and have a super artwork sale. That way everyone benefits from each other because we all are bringing something different to the table and will reach a greater group of people. Remember, we'll have to approve of your prints first just to make sure it's not too explicit. Also, if you have people in your photographs, make sure to get a model release form, just so you can cover your butt and not get sued. That would be bad.

We had a lighting workshop this past meeting. We set up Alana's hot lights and Alex's strobes. If you're interested in learning more about these kinds of lights, come to our next meeting and speak with us personally. We'd be happy to help! Also, check out the photography club photo album to see some photographs from the workshop!

Next meeting is to be determined, but you guys will be the first to know when it is. Look out for the date and time in your events inbox!

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