Introductions of ‘Officers’
Alana Slutsky: El Jefe Grande (President)
Beth Stuebben: El Jefe Pequeno (Vice-President)
Alex Salgado: El Presidente de Cash Money (Treasurer)
Tiffanie Pham: Secretario Caliente (Secretary)
If you have any questions at all about the Photography Club, don't hesitate to message us here on Facebook, or e-mail us at

Talk about what we want to do:
Shoot-Outs: Predetermining subject/location and shoot photographs. Come back and critique each other’s work.

Photo Stores can lend equipment for use.
‘Strobists’: New ideas to create different kind of types of lighting.
Possibly rent out a dark room somewhere around town (Crealde)
Hold Workshops for learning how to use certain equipment.

Hold meetings once a month.
Dues: At most $10/semester, $20/year.
If we get RSO status, we will have funding. Be able to go to Art Basil in Miami. PhotoMiami – Photography only.

We are trying to start a petition to show interest in another photography class on the Main Campus, so that we can have another photography class. We will need your name and PID for you to sign the petition. The class can be any subject regarding photography such as lighting, alternative processes, or even darkroom.

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