Photography Club at UCF – Minutes

Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2012


The regular meeting of the Photography Club at UCF was called to order at 5:015pm on October 3, 2012 in UCF HPA building by Bridgette Wagner – President


Bridgette Wagner, Nick Russet, Alyssa Berkovitz

  • Photography Club Membership
  • Monthly Photo Contest/ Last month’s winner
  • Elections
  • Upcoming Semester Calendar
  • Photography Basics 101
  • Photowalk

Open Issues

Prezi was started and students were informed about our open officer position, and told they must be a member to run for office or vote for a position. Instructed that submissions for Secretary must be put in today, and that voting will take place at our next meeting.

Question asked about timeline about photo contest. Told that students must take the photo for submission current to the contest.

Question was asked as to how often we will have photo walks. President answered that we will only be having one photo walk this semester, do to time restraints. However, the spring semester will hold one photo walk per month.

New Business

Tshirts were promised by the President to the group.
Next meeting time and location were discussed, told that a group event would be created with all of the information.

The lake Claire social event was discussed, told the time, and that it would be a focus on sports and fast action photography. Students were encouraged to bring Frisbees or footballs to play with, and provide subjects for some test photography.

Tony Zampella was introduced via power point, told about Seeking Smiles Photography, and about the Orlando Photography Studio, and that we will be taking a field trip to the studio to practice some tether shooting. This is only for dues paying members.

Lou gardens was introduced as a location for a photo walk. The time of the walk is still being debated, was put forward as a possible option. Depending on the student response and availability, the time will be selected.

A basic presentation about photography settings was given. Students were instructed about Exposure, ISO, aperture, auto focus settings, and other basic camera functions. Depth of field was discussed, and how to adjust your focal length and aperture to achieve the focus you want.

Michael talked to the class about the concept of HDR, high dynamic range. Images could be merged to create a final image. A group discussion began as to different ways to achieve an HDR type image.

Question asked about sports photography. Student was told about using the right ISO and shutter speed to achieve a well lit, sharp image.

Agenda for Next Meeting
Voting for our open officer position, Secretary, will occur next meeting. Applications to run for this position were accepted at tonight’s meeting.
Josh and Samantha said they were running for secretary position.

Some students asked about paying dues to night, not all had the $20 with them, they were told to bring it next meeting.


Meeting wrapped up with a short Q/A, and then a period of members to pay dues.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm by Bridgette Wagner – President. The next general meeting will be Monday October 29th, 2012 at 5:00pm in the BA building room 126.

Minutes Submitted by: Nick Russett

Approved by: Bridgette Wagner 

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