Sorry for not posting the minutes from the second meeting back in February.
We had elections to replace our cabinet members, so now we have two new officers:
Allison Newbold-Vice President
Hope Yoders-Treasurer

Now on to the minutes of this meeting!

A few announcements:

Next meeting, April 14th, we will be holding officer elections for the next year. All the positions will be up for grabs, along with two new positions. So our cabinet will have a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing Chairman, and Recruiting Chairman. Again, all positions are up for grabs. Please remember that you must be a member of the club in order to be eligible to run as an officer. The Marketing Chairman will be in charge of making posters to put up everywhere to attract people a club meeting, as long as tabling in the Union if needed. The Recruiting Chairman will be in charge of getting the word out about our club and getting as many people to join as possible. In order to run, we will post an application in a totally new discussion thread. You can download it, fill it out, and then send it back to Beth through Facebook. Please make sure all applications are in by April 7th! So be on the lookout for that!

Thursday, April 7th, is First Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art. We will be having a field trip to it! I believe that there is no admittance fee. Allison and Hope are in charge of this trip, because Beth and myself have prior engagements (BFA OVERLOAD SHOW!) If you would like to go and work out carpooling and what not, contact either Allison or Hope.

CLUB T-SHIRTS! We received an e-mail from a t-shirt printing company that has a deal where we can get T-Shirts for a good price. Of course your club dues will be paying for your shirt. In order to keep costs down, we chose to go with a white t-shirt with the phrase "What the F-Stop?" and maybe a design on the back. If you're interested in getting a shirt let us know! Also, if you have any kind of design experience, let us know if you'd be interested in helping us make a final design using the phrase.

We had a special speaker today, Tony Zampella. He works for Samsung, as well as having his own photography company. He brought in a few of the newest cameras that Samsung has to offer, including the NX (I believe that's the model name) which is like an SLR with interchangeable lenses and the sensor is about the same size as a Nikon D90, for about $599. A great deal on a great camera. There are many other cool features to it, you can either message Tony on Facebook about the camera, or go to your nearest BestBuy and check it out there when they get it in a couple of weeks.

Another event to attend:
It's a Photo Walk through Baldwin Park hosted by Tony. Check out the event, and if you can make it out, do it! It'll be a grand time!

We also got to play with strobes for a bit. Beth was gracious enough to bring in her own strobes and set them up for some trial shots so that everyone could get more experience with them.

So that's what's happening in our club, hope to see you at our next meeting! Remember if you're interested in becoming an officer, look out for the application in the next few days and get it back to Beth by April 7th!

Happy shooting!

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