_Hey everyone. We will be hosting another photo walk but this time downtown on November 20th. It will be a chance for everyone to explore the downtown area and your cameras, (DSLRs are not required). This is open to anyone with a passion about photography, regardless if you are a pro or novice; feel free to bring your friends.

We will be meeting at Independent Bar at 6 PM and will walk the area until about 8 PM. There is no set plan for where we will go or end up, so if you might be late let one of the officers know and we will provide you with a number to contact us at so you can meet up with us. We will be going over the basics of photography as we walk, as well as, talking about some more advanced topics. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Be sure to bring your cameras, a tripod (if you have one), and any questions you may have! If you need a ride or can drive let us know.
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