Introduction of the Officers:
Alana Slutsky - President
Beth Stuebben - Vice President
Alex Salgado - Treasurer
Tiffanie Pham - Secretary

We're now an official Student Organization, we're legit! Now we're in the process of being assigned a senator and working out details about getting funding from the University. Dues for the club are $10/semester, $20/year. Now we're able to get funding from UCF to go on trips or do great things for our club. What are some proposed ideas for use of the money?

Art Basel in Miami: This is a huge art exhibit in Miami during the first weekend of December, there is also Photo Miami, which is a huge exhibit dedicated solely to Photography. What we want to do is possibly use the money towards accommodations and/or entry fee into the exhibits.

Other ways to raise money:
Print Sale in the VAB: We can sell our prints for a small price and raise money towards Art Basel or any thing else we need funds for. There is a stipulation of the content of the photograph that's to be sold, we don't/can't sell photographs of explicit things like naked people. Also, if there are people in your photographs, make sure you get a model release form and your subject to sign it, if you don't have then sign one, we can't legally sell the photographs.

Other News:
Photo Club T-Shirts: We took a poll and it looks like most of our club members would like to have t-shirts of our very own for our club. So to include everyone in the t-shirt making process, we've proposed a Logo Contest for the shirts. So start designing those logos and bring them in (at a later date), we'll vote on our favorite ones and print some shirts of our very own.

Photo Walks: We think these walks are a great way to explore and use our cameras and get to know each other in the club. There's a chance that we will meet up with the Graphic Design club and walk with them. We can also have critiques of photographs, but only if you want them, and it would be strictly constructive criticism. We don't like negativity. The best way to learn is to learn from others and share in their knowledge.

Workshops: Everyone loves workshops and they're the best way to learn things hands on. We'll be thinking of new topics to discuss. Workshops may not be every single meeting, but we'll try to have them as often as possible.

Guest Photographers: Through a very generous connection, there is a chance that we may be able to get Photographers that have been working in the field for many years to come in and have discussions with us or to give a workshop in their specialty. These photographers could range from Fashion, Commercial, Event, Fine Art, etc. It's an exciting thing.

We'd also love to hear your feedback of what you think will make this club the best club for you. You can reach any of the officers through this page, our facebooks, or our e-mail, Don't hesitate to throw your suggestions out there, as we are a young baby club and can make it the best club with your help. You guys are the ones that will help us shape what this club will be.

Some suggestions we've had so far are:

Photo Walk on Campus - As a club, we can shoot around campus and generate interest in our club. Let people know that we exist and are open to everyone of all skills.

Portraits on Campus - We set up a white sheet and let people and their friends pose in front of the screen. They could also have headshots and what not. We'll offer these photographs at $3 per photograph.

Specific Topics - Each meeting can cover a specific topic and to keep the fluidity from one meeting to another, have members practice what we covered and show it at the next meeting. That way we can keep it continuous, learn, and see how everyone interprets what was discussed.

All are great suggestions, we'd love to hear more :)

Next Meeting: We're not sure of the date of the next meeting yet, if you weren't able to make it to this last one, we asked everyone what night worked best for you so that you could make it to as many as possible. Let us know and then we'll plan accordingly. We'll make an event of our next meeting, which is happening in two weeks, so be on the look out for that invite. We're excited for the club and hope you are too!

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